①Driving West and Dreaming

Long long highway . Driving west from Colorado to California. Thanks to google we pull off on a tiny exit Thompson Springs to see railroad history and a ghost town. Oh, and I hope for a spring. Over the past week I have dreamed multiple times a night about visiting a spirit world: the dead-my father, rabbits, ourselves–portals. Well, never mind Thompson Springs, but do continue up to the Sego canyon petroglyphs and pictographs , the most otherworldly we have ever personally seen. Early Folsom people, probably 600 a.d. Whoooo. Still so moving , moved.

Sego canyon Utah

4 thoughts on “①Driving West and Dreaming

  1. very nice photo Carol. I have been working nonstop. I’ll probably require much rest at the campout. Just letting you know that I am spent physically and mentally. I did take off over a month when Dave was here. blah blah just fried top to bottom   tim


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