Chained Dog Dreams in the Neighborhood

Events to come celebrating the publication of Chained Dog Dreams:

Innisfree Poetry Cafe, Boulder (on the Hill) December 3, 6:30 – 7:00 then open mic. come on down, listen a big, then share your words.

Book Bar, Tennyson Street, Denver, December 8, Sunday, 3 -5. Treats, books, mimosas. Book Launch of Chained Dog Dreams

Finishing Line Press, full length collection, November 2019

Carol Guerrero-Murphy’s poems are earthly and unearthly, fierce and generous, and brimming with enduring meaning. In Chained Dog Dreams her brilliant “Birth Epic” illuminates the nature of giving birth as the act resists language and turns the mother herself into a warrior and survivor. The most telling moments of a life emerge with new clarity through the focusing lens of this poet’s attentive sensibility and astonishing craft.—Lee Upton, author Bottle the Bottles the Bottles the Bottles: Poems and 15 books of poetry and criticism. No Mercy won the National Poetry Series.