Lucky at Winter Solstice Speaks

I just found this poem I wrote and forgot December 2019 pre-pandemic. I find that entering darkness before the Winter Solstice welcomes the celebration of light to follow.

Wild Horse at Winter Solstice Speaks

Horse says, listen again.  Did you forget me?

And the dry bright summer of my dying?

Let the cold dark remind you how just now

 a smile passed your lips when you thought of us together. 

So little pain, loss gentled. Did you forget me? 

 And all the pastures before our story

where you yearned for someone like me, 

and whispered a call? Go again to a treeless field 

and look up: the stars spin around the pole again 

then comes a slow late sunrise.

Sunrise fires the stubble to gold at first light.

Invite the blistering light of loneliness to return

and bring you to your knees till you beg 

for someone to let themselves be loved 

as you loved me. Do not name this loss.

In the field, before nightfall, you may be found.

The Winter Solstice: Irish and Celtic Traditions, Newgrange

6 thoughts on “Lucky at Winter Solstice Speaks

  1. OH MY! Visceral, visual, heartfelt longing and love. Rejoice as the sun pauses in our world and the earth turns back turn. Thank you darlene



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