Carol Darnell Guerrero-Murphy TAAA DAAA

photo by Linda Relyea

I post here as a lifetime lover of reading and all things language (including octopus and mycelium), and as author of Table Walking at Nighthawk (Ghost Road Press 2007, WILLA Award), Chained Dog Dreams (November 2019), and the manuscript Bright Path, Dark River (October 2020). Several poems from this manuscript were just published in Winter 2019 The Missouri Review http://www.missourireview-digital.com/missourireview/fall_2019/?pg=135&pm=2&u1=friend

I teach in the Adams State College Prison program with the most motivated students I have ever known; I am professor emerita from Alamosa, after probably 40 years as a teacher from preschool to graduate school levels (please read on, young ‘uns, I am pro youth). I am curious about everything–you know, all the stuff I don’t know–and thrive on sharing ideas with friends virtual and magical, literary, and animal. I understand that surrealism is a school I swim with.

I have had many teachers, including humans, trees, cats, newts, and a profoundly wise mustang. This is a photo of where I used to live–Mt. Blanca is in the background, a massif in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at the edge of the San Luis Valley. Since 2017, I live northwest of Denver with photographer David Diaz Guerrero whose photos I shamelessly steal (but you must not). After a life time spent in small towns and rural places I embrace whatever it is we are up to–too many people, all beloved. I hear that in third grade I wrote “Wandering in My Mind”, where I continue to wander, when I am not outdoors in gardens or rockslides or forests wandering or wondering in bookstores and galleries and dance halls and sing-along pubs.

In more recent poems I am wandering in the grammar of animacy: exploring how to speak of the beings of the earth without objectifying.View all posts by carolgmpoetry.com