Geodesic Dome Plants at the MCA

Is it an accident or brilliantly witty that the rooftop at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver that is showing an exhibit of Drop City Founder Carl Richert’s geometric mystical paintings taking off from Buckminster Fuller designs has these plants outdoors? Thinking of starting a family based blog about synchronous events and twinning etc. open to all to contribute. Yes?

4 thoughts on “Geodesic Dome Plants at the MCA

  1. I like the idea of a family based blog focused on synchronicity. The more I think about it, the more it happens!!


    1. I pitched the idea while chatting with Gail; we do need a repository for these stories, so an easy to use blog where we can post our photos and astounding tidbits seems like a good way for people who live far apart to get it all together.


  2. I’m just seeing that your posts w chained dog in the subject line get moved into a Social file that I rarely look at & usually delete. I have my 1st iPhone & am still figuring it out. My computer charger died a week ago & since it’s an older model I had to order special online & am still waiting. Is Mercury retrograde or am I just unfortunate or inept?


    1. Jane! Home again! I haven’t forgotten about the chicken green Chile recipe, but it is so variable, I’m not sure what to put down. I doubt you are inept, I think technology/social media are some sort of a chimera landscape, hallucinatory and untrustworthy. Happy you found this, and pretty impressed, really.


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