Tree Speak

Finished reading Overstory by Richard Powers. I read it over a few months, because of its density and some doubts I had. Doubts I still have, as far as a narrative goes, while it contains lots to love. It won the Pulitzer. The strong message to change how we generally relate to all things not human is timely indeed.What do you think of it? Or, better yet, tell me something you have heard a tree say, or describe an experience in which a tree played an important role for you personally.

4 thoughts on “Tree Speak

  1. i was swept up in Overstory before and after brain cancer surgery, and now I’m reading it aloud to henry as we travel back and forth to the hospital.
    here’s a weird tree story that happened in the midst of all this – we are having trouble with our old septic. It’s bound up with tree roots – not surprising, since trees know what they need and how to get it. The septic guy, Brian, says put a couple 50 lb bags of salt down in the septic tank. That’ll take care of it.
    Me: will it kill the trees?
    Brian: well, yeah!
    Henry and I talked about it. No way, we agreed. The life of several trees just so that we have the privilege of shitting in fresh water?
    So now we’re researching alternatives, namely humanure. And the trees live on.

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