Coming right up, Book Celebration!

It’s a bookstore, it’s a bar, it’s a center for community conversation. Grateful to be there soon, thanking family and friends and word folks with good food, good drink. Come early for a bottomless mimosa and sit by the fire..

9 thoughts on “Coming right up, Book Celebration!

  1. Ah, this is written so nicely! Shucks it will be fun. We wrote a draft invite of the poetry event to be at our house. I will send draft to you once I write up on iPad.

    It is 80 and gorgeous here today, although the hotel is hosting young tennis championships from around the world as well as a convention of multilevel marketing gurus for a weight loss drinks. It is kind of like a circus. Talk soon! Xo L Sent from my iPhone



  2. If I didn’t have another event, I would come just to enjoy the poems including the ones I already enjoyed once. Hope you have fun.

    Janet Roberts



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