A Trio of Pandemic Poems

Like many, after March sank into my understanding like a wildfire smoke plume during an ozone-thick inversion, I veered away from screens except for news and for “seeing” family and friends, and into the garden. As summer ripened into fall as it does, and I gathered outside a few times with poetry-writing friends, I finished these poems. These comprise the epilogue for my almost published third book of poetry Bright Path Dark River. More on that, soon. The pandemic poems are listed as separate posts: Zooming the Horse, Ode to the Future During the Pandemic (a pantoum), Ode to Nostalgia. May the last poem give you permission, if you need it, to spend a little more time basking in the lights of good memories. (I hope hope hope hope hope you have some. If not, maybe you will make some up).

Here are a mini-pumpkin that I did not plant seeds for (I have a basket now of the darlings) and a zucchini that seemed after it was mature to want to sprout a second zucchini out of itself. I shall call it “Still Life with Surprising Life.”

By the way, various events supporting publication of Chained Dog Dreams didn’t happen, for obvious reasons, but the book is still available at The Book Bar in Denver, Narrow Gauge Bookstore in Alamosa Colorado, The Boulder Bookstore, some libraries (you could ask them to order it from Ingram), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Finishinglinepress.com. Or directly from me! Message me.

11 thoughts on “A Trio of Pandemic Poems

  1. hola,can’t seem to find the poems listed as separate posts. all clicks go to the zucchini and pumpkin,so I get to smile. love,e



      1. It’s at the poem about nostalgia at the top, I hope. Glad you love the horse zoom. Oh, be inspired!!! Can’t wait to see what you will be inspired to do. Love to you!


  2. loved reading your poems Isolation and poems from missouri review. spring tea time, her migration to summer place….yum I get lost in your poetry like you are unveiling my own memories (even though they are not part of my historic experience). Glad to know you have another book coming!


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